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Five working principles of metal stamping parts

1. It is necessary for a planned stamping part to have a simple shape and reasonable structure in order to simplify the die structure and simplify the number of working procedures, that is to say, to complete the whole part with the least and simplest stamping procedures and to reduce the number of other processing methods, it is advantageous to the stamping operation, the organization realizes the mechanization and the automation production, the hardware stamping parts processing, advances the Labor productivity.

2. The planned stamping parts, under the condition of ensuring normal operation, should be as low as possible in the requirement of dimensional accuracy grade and surface roughness grade, which is beneficial to the interchangeability of products, reducing waste products and ensuring the stability of product quality.

3. The planned stamping parts shall be in favor of using the existing equipment, process equipment and process flow to process them as far as possible, and in favor of extending the service life of the stamping die.

4. It is necessary for the planned stamping parts to meet the function of product application and skill, and to be easy to assemble and repair.

5. It is necessary to plan stamping parts in favor of improving the utilization rate of metal data, reducing the types and specifications of data, and reducing the consumption of data as far as possible. In the case of promise to choose low-cost information, spare parts as far as possible to achieve no waste and less waste blanking.


Post time: Jun-09-2020