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Copper ring meson assembly machine

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Equipment name: Copper ring meson assembly machine

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Rotor incoming material anti-inversion, rotor feeding, press-loaded insulating meson, preloaded copper ring, copper ring positioning, press-loaded adjusting meson, press-loaded oil-stopping meson, press-loaded head meson, press-loaded adjusting meson, leakage copper ring meson detection, defective product discharge, good product collection (can be customized to increase grinding rotor shaft or commutator process)

Part feeding copper ring adopts vibrating plate feeder for automatic feeding, muon adopts sweeping plate automatic feeding, and rotor adopts ship board/clamping device for automatic loading and unloading

Applicable products: F130, F/R140, F/R260, R360, R365, R370, R385, R395, R555 micro-motor rotors (non-standard customizable)

Machine color grass green (can be customized according to customer color plate)

Equipment size approx. 1800(L)*1200(W)*1800(H)mm

The equipment beat is about 2.8s /EA (with the same production time, the output of one machine is equivalent to the manual output of six people)

Rated power supply AC 220V 50HZ

Rated air source 0.5~ 0.65mpa

Other configuration USES the well-known brand electrical parts (such as SMC, Airtac, Hinwin, NSK, Panasonic, ROKO, WEINVIEW, MEAN WELL, etc.), the plating on the surface of the machined or oxidation treatment, the running state of the three color instructions, can install air pressure monitoring and exhaust system, safety guard to open the door quickly outage protection, leakage protection, procedure and touchscreen interface display can be customized according to customer requirements.

Copper ring meson assembly machine Grinding meson assembly machine

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