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Cold rolled steel tensile parts-LS 006

Generally, for such a workpiece, a processing method of first blanking and post-drawing is generally adopted, and the processing by such a method generally uses a processing method of first blanking and post-drawing for such a workpiece, and processing by this method. The appearance of the workpiece is flat and the quality of the burr is small. 

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Since the production batch of the workpiece is mass-produced, if the two processes are put together, the production efficiency can be greatly improved and the workload can be reduced, the energy can be saved, the cost can be reduced, and the original processing method can be prevented from reaching into the mold. The problem in the middle is very beneficial to the safety of the operator. However, the mold structure is more complicated, the feeding operation is inconvenient, and the workpiece size is too large, which is suitable for blanking-drawing composite stamping. Therefore, a pair of molds is needed. Although the mold structure is complicated, the geometry of the parts is simple and symmetrical. Mold making is more difficult. Therefore, it is produced by using a tensile die.

Shenzhen Mayor Shengde Electromechanical Co., Ltd. is a company that designs, develops, innovates and produces precision metal stamping products and micro-motor products. It provides customers with all-round design of transmission scheme, metal stamping die design and manufacturing, parts production and integrated assembly. service.

The company has gathered a group of industry and technology elites, and its technology innovation and development strength is strong. Has a strong design and development capabilities, precision stamping manufacturing. In 2008, it passed the ISO9001 quality system certification and passed the ISO/TS16949 automobile quality system certification in 20009: and fully implemented its quality requirements.

MJ 004 Continuous drawing die MJ 004 l

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Cold rolled steel tensile parts-LS 024 a

Cold rolled steel tensile parts-LS 024 b

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